June 2006 Trip Pictures

A lot of site seeing this trip


Did some observing and a lot of site seeing.  Attendees were Linda, Dave, Joe, Jason, Derek, Chris, Rick and Julie.      


Linda and Julie in the mine.

Rick and Jason in the mine.

Julie coming out of the mine.

Jason and Julie happy to have survived!

Julie, Rick, Dave and Linda inside the lava tube.

Julie and Rick coming out of the lava tube.

Jason found something. Actually it is a small openning into a much larger lava tube.

Derek and his date for the evening.

Chris and Derek getting ready to observe with the CPC 8 and CPC 11

Joe and Rick... hot day.

Julie and Rick in the mouth of the beast. Well...in a lava tube.

Celestron crew. Joe, Rick, Jason, Chris, and Derek. And of course the CPC11!

The famous Roweville breakfast!