July 2nd thru the 6th, 2005 Trip Pictures

A Working Observatory


This was an exciting weekend.  Joe came out early and started to lay the floor.  Dave and Joe built the new bunk beds for the observatory on Saturday.  And M51 has a supernova to image.  And the impact with comet Tempel is going to happen on this trip.  Lots to do!    


C20 in the observatory at dusk

C20's backside. Nice!

Perry's 28. Perry, Ariel and Vivian


The observatory control room

Rick at the control and Jason on the new bunks

A really big dust devil

Really big!

New tile floor in the control room and the observatory deck.

Observatory, looking to the west.

Looking to the north

The new floor in the observatory room.

C20 posing for us

Cooling off for the coming night

Looking to the east

Almost time for some flat field shots.


Workers:  Dave, Rick, Joe, Jason, Perry, Ariel, and Vivian (Perry's 2.5 year old daughter)